When Should My Home’s Windows Be Replaced?

Your windows are your primary way of seeing outside of your home, but over time, they can become worn or damaged and need replacement. There are many signs that your windows might need replacement, but you will want to be sure you know some of the signs so you can get them fixed or replaced when necessary.

It is always a good idea to replace any windows over 20 years old, but what if your windows are having problems before this time is up? Keep the following tips in mind so you will know some of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacement. If you need assistance with getting them changed out, you can always count on the help of local handyman services in arlington wa.

Sign 1: Your windows have become worn out.

Windows can become worn out over time with use. Signs that a window has become worn out include decaying or cracked frames, the ability to feel air drafting in, and more. If you think your windows have become worn out, it is certainly a good idea to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Sign 2: Your windows have become more difficult to open up or close.

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Windows that have become difficult to open up or close can point to several problems. It could be an issue with the windows’ roller system, a bunch of dust buildup in the windows, and more. You can make sure that they are good to go with a functioning lock, as this will keep air from escaping and for the added peace of mind that a stranger won’t be able to simply open the window and come in.

Sign 3: You notice an increase in your energy bills.

This sign doesn’t always have something to do with the windows, as this can also point to an issue with appliances. However, an increase in energy bills can sometimes point to the windows in your home, and many newer windows are designed with energy-efficiency of the home in mind.

Your windows keep you secure and protected in your home, as well as help you regulate the temperature inside, keeping the elements out while still allowing you to see outside. Make sure they are good to go and don’t hesitate to replace them if needed so you can feel nice and secure.  

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